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an alternative universe
or a state of mind . .
a place to have fun
with your own kind . .
a curioz reality
known to some..
a joyful sensuality
warmed by the sun
Join me as I explore the
Nature of reality-
Expressed through
Music masks & makeup
As a creative outlet
To better understand..
A world that seems to
Be loosing its mind

Join me on
a road that is yellow,
a path that is long,
a place we all know..
hidden in song.

About David


David showcases PandaCats
are characters designed
for adult-oriented content,
including music,
masks, makeup,
& storytelling…
The character serves
to be both educational
and entertaining in nature.

Kid Panda

Kid Panda serves
as a character mainly
employed to
entertain children.


I’m new to the
Music scene and
I’m CuriOZ to see
how this all unfolds
as I explore
the nature of
emotional reality
through music
not yet revealed..
the emotional state
somewhat concealed..
in a world
not yet healed..
unity consciousness
yet to yield . .
the full potential of love, joy
and the infinite
creative possibilities
of the human being..
when in alignment
with the soul
Join me on what
might become the
most magical of journeys..
a road that is yellow,
a path that is long,
a place I heard once
In John Denver’s song…
Country roads,
take me home
To the place I belong

About David

⭐️ I was human once ⭐️

I was born screaming
into a world of pain
I was raised believing
not ABLE but CAINE..
snakes and ladders
Christ down the drain
my heart a cliff edge
in constant strain
as a human..
I was seeking the truth
a brand new path
Or just a different you..
but what I found
was a man with a gun
the devil before me
On my setting sun
I was a human once
it was pretty tough
not quite alien
it was kinda rough
I was a human once
born with a heart
but every encounter
tore it apart


David has overcome his fare share of adversity and manages to alchemise his experience into creative songwriting.His approach to songwriting is raw .. honest and straight to the point. These are not soprano vocals but the songs are sincere, emotive
and catchy.
The lyrics often throw up a ‘surprise‘ that pierce the mind
..like a bullet ripping
through your brain’


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The Music


Thru the Barrel
of a Gun

A upbeat dancy song about embracing the light as seen
thru the barrel
of a gun

In the realm of
'Thru the Barrel of a Gun,'
the notes are bullets, and the rhythm is a ‘heartbeat’ echoing through the chaos of emotions."
"Embark on a sonic journey that explores the intricate dance between danger and beauty –"Feel the pulse of intensity as 'Through the Barrel of a Gun' weaves a tapestry of sound that echoes the complexities of the human spirit."

⭐️ ARRIVING Soon ⭐️

Beautiful Never

Good intentions ..
The wrong outcomes
..emotional cliff edges

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